Acoustical and Specialty Ceilings

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California Drywall offers a full range of services in the Acoustical & Specialty Ceiling division. We install most brands and types of suspended acoustical ceilings, specialty ceilings, and acoustical wall treatments and panels. Our professionals bring considerable experience from working on a variety of projects, each with a unique acoustic or aesthetic challenge. This experience and knowledge results in a greater understanding of the needs of our customers, and how to fill those needs efficiently, beautifully, and economically.

Ceiling services

  • Acoustical Ceilings
  • Specialty Metal Ceilings
  • Wood Ceilings
  • Clouds & Canopies
  • Vertical Elements
  • Translucent Materials
  • Custom Ceiling Applications
  • Acoustical Wall Panels

Fireproofing and Intumescent

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California Drywall provides a full line of sprayed fireproofing services for both new construction and renovation projects. We are certified installers for Isolated International, Grace Construction Products, Carboline Company, FireTex, and other fireproofing and intumescent products.

We are well versed and compliant with UL requirements for different manufacturers and materials and can assist you in formulating the best approach to fireproofing your project. We’ll be of service across the entire project, ensuring code compliance, selecting UL designs, budgeting, and installation.

Fireproofing services

  • Standard, medium and high-density fireproofing on any size structure
  • Replacement fireproofing
  • Intumescent coatings

Insulation and Firestop

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California Drywall has over 50 years’ experience in the insulation field and provides a full range of insulation and firestop services for both metal and wood-framed structures. Our team of professionals are able to complete challenging projects of either new construction or existing structures with the highest quality installation that meet code requirements and your specifications.

Insulation and firestop services:

  • Thermal and Acoustical Insulation
  • Rigid Board Insulation
  • Curtain Wall Insulation
  • Cap Sheets and Faced Material
  • Acoustical
    • Insulation
    • Sealant and Spray
      • Head of wall
      • Base of wall
      • Through penetrations
    • Sound pads
  • Firestop
    • Slab Edge
    • Through Penetration
    • Head of Wall
    • Base of Wall
    • Puddy Pads

Lath and Plaster/EIFS

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California Drywall’s Lath and Plaster division takes on all types of plaster projects, from small historical renovations to new high rise construction. Our talented office and field personnel enables us to work with clients from the earliest budget phase through completion of the final punch list item.

Plaster services:


  • Exterior Framing and Sheathing
  • Lath Systems
  • Standard Stucco Systems
  • Exterior Insulation Finish System (EIFS)


  • Venetian Plaster
  • Veneer Plaster
  • Decorative Custom Veneer
  • Fellert Acoustical Plaster
  • BASWAphon Sound Absorbing Plaster System
  • American Clay Plaster
  • Plaster Restoration


Metal Framing and Drywall

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Since 1946 we have been installing Metal Framing and Drywall. Whatever size and complexity of the job we have the technical knowledge, experience and manpower to handle it. Whether a door infill tenant build out, hospital, or a professional sports stadium, we are a contractor of choice.. We are extremely proud of the work we do and the relationships we have built doing it.

Light Gage Metal Framing

California Drywall specializes in cold formed light gauge metal stud framing and engineering, including interior and exterior metal framing, curtain wall applications, and load bearing projects that will meet your specifications.

Gypsum Board Applications

From interior to exterior walls, shaft walls, ceilings soffits, specialty installations, fire and sound rated assemblies, abuse resistant, and finishing to level 5 or custom finished, our installers provide quality work and production that exceeds clients’ expectations.


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With over sixty qualified tradespeople in our painting division, California Drywall has the capacity and experience for large production work as well as expertise for high-decor interiors. We’re equipped, staffed, and capable of handling all your painting needs.

Painting Services

  • Painting
  • Wall-coverings
  • Decorative coatings
  • Faux finishes
  • Waterproofing
  • Staining
  • Special Coatings
  • Acoustical Wall Panels
  • High performance coatings
  • Intumescent coatings

Rain Screen Systems

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We have extensive knowledge and experience installing rains screen systems, vapor and air barriers. With these systems, multiple requirements and elements must be considered on each project. We work closely with the general contractors, design team and engineers during the engineering review and submittal process, then engage our highly trained field crews to ensure success.

Strut Systems

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California Drywall offers complete design assist, engineering, and installation of Structural Support (Strut) Systems.

We work with general contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, and owners to develop support systems that meet the stringent demands for equipment and facility requirements. We use BIM to design, model, and coordinate our scopes of work. Detecting conflict before installation, we can provide cost effective and value engineered solutions rather than costly changes during construction.

We can fabricate and kit modules offsite to ensure we meet the highest standards for the tightest deadlines. Our goal on every project is threefold: safety, quality, and schedule. 

Our Strut Support applications include:

  • Roof Walkways, Catwalks & Access Platforms
  • Medical Equipment Supports
  • Laboratory Supports
  • Ceiling Support Grids and Baffle/Cloud Supports
  • MEP/Data Supports
  • Strut Framed Walls
  • Seismic Restraint
  • 80/20 Racks
  • Vinyl Strip Doors & Curtain Walls

From large complex medical equipment projects to simple ceiling support grids, California Drywall has the expertise, service, and workmanship to meet your needs.

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