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California Drywall takes the risk out of construction by applying the principles of repeatable manufacturing to walls and ceilings. Our 48,000 SF manufacturing facility produces prefabricated wall panels, custom drywall shapes, pre-assembled soffits and ceilings, structural headers, bathroom kits, powder coated metal products, and more. We roll, laser-cut, and brake steel. We cut and shape drywall. We build kits, so your assemblies and components arrive just in time and install quickly and precisely. Working closely with clients, we manufacture prefabricated components that result in greater precision, higher productivity, and more quality control.


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Less Congestion – Prefabrication minimizes the number of workers required on site.

Improved Site Safety – Less labor, material, and equipment on site reduces the chance of injuries.

Schedule Certainty – Sequenced work is performed concurrently, resulting in improved schedule performance.

Higher Quality – Manufacturing in a factory- controlled environment results in higher quality components.

Less Waste – Components are manufactured to exact lengths and sizes, eliminating jobsite waste.

Increased Productivity – Kits and assemblies improve job site productivity.

Manpower Efficiency – Reduced exposure to skilled labor shortage.


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We have invested in state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and software. Our cold-formed steel roll formers, CNC laser and plasma cutters, brake presses, and CNC drywall milling machines cut, brake, form and mill stock metal and gypsum board into a variety of parts, shapes and assemblies. We can fabricate a single prototype, produce highly complex custom assemblies and handle production runs of 10,000+ component parts.

Custom Metal Fabrication

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Custom fabrication helps maximize efficiencies in the construction process. Our custom components include studs, track, clips, brackets, headers, jambs, mullions, soffits, wall ends, wall panels, and all kinds of radiused products.


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We have a library of standardized repeatable assemblies and can fabricate custom assemblies and subassemblies that we deliver to your project site ready to install

California Drywall is kitting for both small and large projects. Our kits are labeled and delivered to specific floors, units, rooms, or even wall and are installed on-site by our field crews. This eliminates unproductive time ordering, finding, moving and cutting studs, track and drywall on your project.


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We can engineer and fabricate panels, whether they are interior partition systems, exterior load-bearing systems, or exterior infill panels with sheathing and air barriers. We then ship them to your project for rapid, safe installation.

Other Metal Services

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We give you the ability to single source a number of custom-manufactured metal components and accessories, including decorative metal panels, counter supports, metal ceilings, stainless steel brackets or other custom applications.

Powder Coating

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With our state-of-the-art facility, we are able to provide customers commercial-grade powder coating, in an extensive collection of colors for parts of all shapes and sizes. Powder coating’s superior finish ensures a resilient, long-lasting finish that shields the surface from conditions such as scratching, weather, harsh use and impact.

Drywall Shapes and Assemblies

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Our digital cutting machines fabricate all kinds of gypsum board shapes including Outside Corners, Inside Corners, Knife Edges, Finished Edges, and Radiuses. It’s a long list. Applications include soffits, headers, column wraps, curtain pockets, duct wraps, five-sided boxes, end caps, light coves, castle cuts, and more. Installation is fast and the shapes and assemblies require minimal taping – no labor-intensive corner bead work, and significantly less joint work and sanding.

Our Process

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Our team works with owners, architects, general contractors and other trades to ensure best practices and mitigate risk. We don’t produce components in a vacuum. By being fully integrated with our clients, we adapt as conditions change and determine the prefabricated components that will be best for your project.

Design & Engineering

Leveraging our in-house engineering, VDC and BIM capabilities, we create precise-to-spec details, drawings and models. Our components and assemblies meet ASTM and AISI standards, local building codes, and your specific project tolerances.

Fabrication & Quality Control

We link the digital data to our state-of-the –art, lean manufacturing technologies, allowing our trained carpenters, machinists, and welders to produce components with exacting precision at high capacities.

Delivery & Installation

We label and kit our components and assemblies and load our truck so they arrive on time and in the proper sequence. We design for faster, safer installation than traditional stick-built construction so you get all the benefits of prefabrication.

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