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  • Experience building excellence like you never have before

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    Manufacturing Excellence

    Our 48,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility fabricates wall panels, drywall shapes, soffits, ceilings systems, headers, room pods, joists, trusses, clips, powder coated metal products, and more. We roll, laser-cut, plasma cut, brake steel, powder coat, and mill gypsum board. We manufacture components, kits, assemblies, and panels that arrive just in time, install quickly, precisely, with no waste.

    We handle everything for you — design, engineering, fabrication, quality control, delivery, and on-site installation. Experience building excellence like you never have before.


    Metal Fab.






    Misc. Metals


    Powder Coating


    Drywall Shapes


    Our Process


    Benefits of Prefab

    • Less Congestion
    • Safer Job Sites
    • Schedule Uncertainty
    • Better Quality
    • Less Waste
    • Increased Productivity
    • Manpower Efficiency

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