Airbnb – 999 Brannan

Corporate Campus

Airbnb’s’ new 150,000 square foot, four-floor office at 999 Brannan was stripped down to remove every non-structural element. Inside, a wide and open space was designed to meet the employees on the ground floor, creating a welcoming ambiance. A large spiral staircase circles an atrium, which washes white walls and a polished concrete floor with plenty of natural light.

The design incorporates elements of its global community into the space by assigning each floor to a different city: Buenos Aires, Kyoto, Jaipur and Amsterdam, styling each one of the floor’s cafes in relation to that city, the color, patterns and materials reflecting the local culture. Additionally the interior design of each meeting room is inspired by existing Airbnb listings around the world. One room mirrors an English castle, with matching green and red tufted Earl Sofas and Victorian window treatments. Another office space takes design cues from a 1880s jail in Montana, and features a wood-burning fireplace, and rustic pieces like hanging lanterns and animals skins.

Primary workspaces are divided into 16 neighborhoods with identical components, for up to 50 people each. Every neighborhood comprises of a desk space with large custom made communal tables and standing desks, three phone rooms, personal storage and a 15 to 30 person garage; a meeting room that can be adapted according to necessities by opening and closing a room divider with a garage door mechanism.

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