Stanford Home of Champions

Athletic Facilities, Acoustical and Specialty Ceilings, Framing and Drywall

The 18,000 square-foot Home of Champions tells the Stanford Athletics story through areas dedicated to the thrill of the win, the hours put into training and study, the firsthand stories of student-athletes and alumni, and the multitude of sports innovations born on the Farm. California Drywall worked with Arktura to design and manufacture the custom backlit perforated “starry night” ceiling above theLetter winner Books and Hall of Fame Interactive Table. This ceiling was water jet cut out of panels the intent was to represent the unique the experience of staring up at the sky from the forest floor. The 97-foot long Baffle ceiling tapers from 27 feet wide down to 6 feet, which creates beautiful dimension.  California Drywall worked closely with Lamvin on its design, engineering and mounting challenges.  Each 6″ tall and 2″ thick baffle was mounted and secured to a 12-foot long wood backer sections that were hung independent from adjacent sections to create wave formation of independently supported clouds.

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