Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital

As the Northern California region grows, so does the need for healthcare that expands with the population. To meet that growth, Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital opened a 58,000-square-foot hospital expansion tower. The three-story wing, which ties into the existing hospital, includes an additional 40 licensed private-room beds, one operating room (a second one shelled), three new endoscopy rooms, a new outpatient care unit to replace the existing one, and specialized conference room spaces for nurse, clinician, and patient learning.

The building is the first California Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAi) project to use a panelized prefabricated exterior skin system. The new facility seamlessly blends prefab elements with non-prefab components, setting a standard sure to be replicated in other acute hospital facilities nationwide. Fully installed and weather-tight in just three weeks, the innovative exterior resulted in:

• Zero safety incidents

• Met all quality standards and matched the existing building’s panels colors and finish

• Saved the project almost $1,000,000 and

• Shaved three months off a tight project schedule

The second phase of the project—an expansion of the hospital’s emergency department and support services – included the renovation of approximately 10,000 square feet in the existing hospital to add 21 emergency department exam rooms, enhanced dietary service, an expanded lab/blood bank, and the renovation of a central processing unit.

This project was delivered using an Integrated Project Delivery arrangement with an Integrated Form of Agreement, bringing together the design, construction, and Owner teams together in a shared contract. A core driver to the venture’s success was a commitment to Lean. Target Value Design, co-location, the project’s Big Room, Last Planner System, Built in Quality, process reviews with the inspection team, Gemba walks, and daily check-ins all contributed to the project’s success.

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