• Design-Build And Design Assist

    Low bid doesn’t necessarily mean lowest cost, and we can ensure that your project is completed as economically as is feasible. By using California Drywall as a Design-Assist partner you leverage our significant experience and advanced technologies to ensure the best economies and accelerated schedules. The metal stud framing and drywall package generates a significant number of (if not the most) RFI’s, Change Orders and incremental cost on most projects. Design-Build’s early collaboration means we can explore how to realize significant savings on a project.

    Our experience and knowledge enables us to support the design process and reduce the cost on a project. We  can offer informed suggestions on metal stud size and gauge, wall construction details, materials, and many other components that can economically translate design concepts into reality. When we work with GCs, designers, and owners early in the design process we uncover innovative ways to add value and reduce cost. This also enhances proactive communication, clarification, and insights, resulting in timely decisions and well-designed systems.  A Design-Build process yields a seamless transition from design to construction, resulting in substantial cost and schedule savings.

    The California Drywall Design-Assist process is comprehensive, and includes:

    • Assess architectural and client needs
    • Attend design meetings to clarify intent
    • Perform design coordination and issue resolution
    • Produce architectural construction drawings to augment project drawings
    • Produce structural engineering / design drawings to support architecture
    • Define means and methods of construction
    • Review code compliance
    • Participate in drawing review and monitor project design
    • Identify and present potential project savings
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