We recognize that BIM significantly improves schedules, reduces cost, and proactively eliminates issues. We have an experienced and growing staff of BIM modelers and are an active proponent of its use, due to the incredible value it provides. Ever-increasing efficiency is the reason we stay abreast of advances in technology and make an increasing commitment to it. Our in-house experience and proficiency with the latest BIM tools affords us better control of information utilization, communication, and dissemination. The real-time visual communication BIM enables facilitates collaboration between the design team, the building team, and the client, enabling the entire construction team to work more effectively and efficiently.

BIM Software Used

  • Autodesk Revit
  • StructSoft Solutions MWF
  • Autodesk Navisworks Manage
  • AutoCAD Architecture
  • Autodesk BIM 360 Glue
  • BIManywhere (iPad App)

Design-Build And Design Assist

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Low bid doesn’t necessarily mean lowest cost, and we can ensure that your project is completed as economically as is feasible. By using California Drywall as a Design-Assist partner you leverage our significant experience and advanced technologies to ensure the best economies and accelerated schedules. The metal stud framing and drywall package generates a significant number of (if not the most) RFI’s, Change Orders and incremental cost on most projects. Design-Build’s early collaboration means we can explore how to realize significant savings on a project.

Our experience and knowledge enables us to support the design process and reduce the cost on a project. We  can offer informed suggestions on metal stud size and gauge, wall construction details, materials, and many other components that can economically translate design concepts into reality. When we work with GCs, designers, and owners early in the design process we uncover innovative ways to add value and reduce cost. This also enhances proactive communication, clarification, and insights, resulting in timely decisions and well-designed systems.  A Design-Build process yields a seamless transition from design to construction, resulting in substantial cost and schedule savings.

The California Drywall Design-Assist process is comprehensive, and includes:

  • Assess architectural and client needs
  • Attend design meetings to clarify intent
  • Perform design coordination and issue resolution
  • Produce architectural construction drawings to augment project drawings
  • Produce structural engineering / design drawings to support architecture
  • Define means and methods of construction
  • Review code compliance
  • Participate in drawing review and monitor project design
  • Identify and present potential project savings


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Our in-house engineers have deep industry knowledge and enable us to enhance the design of light gauge metal framing systems for new building construction and existing structures. Our engineering services bring construction-based solutions to light-gauge steel framing systems and configurations. We emphasize simple, cost-effective solutions that provide designs and documents that meet the project needs and code requirements.

We constantly stay up to date with current codes, leading to safe, efficient and constructible designs. Our team creates practical, innovative and technically sound engineering solutions that provide efficient material use and labor productivity.

We develop engineering solutions based on our experience and knowledge of the design constraints. We then present detailed options for design and construction. Once we have collaborated with our clients to select the option that best satisfies the project goals, we prepare stamped shop drawings and details that clearly communicate the construction requirements to assure the project’s successful completion.


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Our experienced and knowledgeable estimating team is a high-power tool for providing you with accurate budgets and estimates, which help your projects succeed. We understand that estimating is much more than just plugging drawing data into a spreadsheet. We provide you the most accurate information possible, to help you make the best decisions for your projects. And, of course, to be the lowest responsible bidder.

Our estimators have decades of industry experience and an in-depth understanding of their trades. They identify constructability issues, code requirements, product suitability, and search for product substitutes. Our aim is always to achieve the architect’s vision while meeting the owner’s requirements and budget. Combined with our proprietary systems, databases, and the vast knowledge we’ve developed over our decades of experience, we can help you with virtually any project and project type. It’s an approach that leads to excellent results.


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Our process enables clients to achieve the best value for their project. By reviewing all aspects of a project we can foresee and resolve issues before they arise. And we can determine the most cost effective and efficient way to achieve the project’s goals. As part of the preconstruction process we not only address the means and methods for how a we build our scope on a project, we also work with our clients to determine the best sequence and schedule for building it, given the site logistics, client objectives, and any other constraints unique to your project.

This is one of the areas where we bring enormous value. Our varied experience, industry expertise, awareness of emerging technologies, and advanced thinking enable clients to take advantage of proven methodologies in combination with the latest processes and technologies. Our preconstruction team enables clients to analyze options and make informed decisions, before the first wall is framed or significant money is spent.

Our top-tier preconstruction services include:

  • Estimates and budgets, based on our decades of experience on most project types
  • Constructability reviews, held collaboratively with the GC and design team
  • Exploration and recommendations of innovative construction means, methods, materials, and technologies


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California Drywall built its first LEED Certified project in 2006 and understands that, as a builder, we have an enormous opportunity and responsibility to contribute toward sustainable buildings. Now that sustainability is an industry standard, many of California Drywall‘s projects are delivered with some level of LEED or other similar Certifications, and we are deeply committed to proposing sustainable solutions on every project.


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We don’t just welcome technology advances, we pursue them. The benefits to our clients, suppliers, and staff are considerable, and we implement new tools at every level within our company. The following are just some technologies and tools that we use.


  • QuickBid estimating software
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Trimble Field Points
  • BlueBeam
  • StructSoft Solutions MWF
  • Autodesk Navisworks Manage
  • AutoCAD 2D & 3D
  • Digital Production Control
  • Scenario VPD
  • Navisworks
  • On-screen Takeoff
  • PeerAssist
  • Timberline
  • PlanGrid
  • Primavera P6


  • Total Station
  • Handheld Tablets (iPads)
  • Makerbot 3D Printer
  • Taping Pump Station
  • Mobile Corner Bead Cart
  • Continuous Flow Taping Tools
  • Tech Boxes

As architects, General Contractors, and owners embrace these cost-and-time-saving innovations, California Drywall is right with you. This is how we lead the drywall and plaster industry in innovation, collaboration, and project success.

Value Engineering

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Value engineering at California Drywall is about more than cutting costs. It also focuses on adding value by providing alternative methods and materials. We investigate options to maximize efficiency and support or enhance critical elements of the design and design vision. This includes collaborating with the General Contractor to identify alternative systems, materials, and methods of construction to better meet all design objectives. We verify project components’ compatibility to multiple constraints, including, sequence of work, tolerance requirements, code compliance, material availability, and schedule. Equally important, our team can build mockups to enhance visual understanding, test constructability, and provide a first-hand view of options. California Drywall develops and provides clients with estimates and cost reduction summaries that clearly communicate the impact of value engineering suggestions.

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