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Analog Devices

Photographer: Jason O'Rear

With the goal foster to enable greater collaboration, innovation and growth, Analog Devices envisioned its state-of-the-art facility would provide some of the industry’s brightest minds in an incredible next-generation workplace.

For this four-phase, six-floor, 288,000 square foot project, the architect specified multiple specialty ceilings including:

  • 623 Velo Concave/Convex Ceiling Marino Felt Panels by 3form in six different colors,
  • 1,226 – 46 inch and 96 inch Armstrong Soundscape Blades in six different colors, both straight and wave cut
  • 518 square feet of Armstrong WOODWORKS Open Cell decorative, solid wood ceiling in Cherry were hung in two libraries and a conference room,
  • 11,033 square feet of Navy Island Soundply wood veneer ceiling and wall panels in both White Oak and Walnut
  • 540 square feet of Ceiling Plus Barz Metal Ceiling,
  • 856 square foot Arktura Vapor Soft laser cut graphic metal panel wall system installed at the rear of the 1st floor conference room
  • 1456 square feet of 1” thick Sapphire Autex Acoustics Cube Panels we installed on the side walls of the 1st floor conference room These Decorative and functional acoustic wall covering made from compressed polyester felt and has an NRC value of 0.65. California Drywall notched the panels so the electricians could install LED lighting to shine down on the handrail.

In addition to the challenge of installing multiple specialty ceiling systems, we also had to contend with 12-16 week lead times for many of the products. Ultimately, coordination of all the elements for this highly-complex project was “impressive”, a difficult project was beautifully realized, challenges were met, and expectations were exceeded.



  • Award Winner

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288,000 square feet

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Analog Devices
Santa Clara
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