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Safety is Our Highest Priority

California Drywall focuses company-wide on safety leading indicators, not just OSHA compliance. We believe safety has as much, if not more, to do with what’s in the minds of our people as it does with rules and rulebooks.

Our goal is to create an accident-free environment through leadership, communication, training, and employee involvement and recognition. By promoting an attitude of safety consciousness, our employees develop a mindset of zero harm and reduce incidents as a result.

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0.49 - Experience Modification Rating (EMR Rating)


6 Full-Time Safety Professionals


OSHA 30 for all Foremen

Safety Programs

Our Safety Program is effective because everyone in the company is responsible for it. This approach ensures that everyone has been properly trained to perform their duties as safely as possible and keep us in compliance with all federal, state, and local safety standards. Safety and having an accident- and injury-free workplace is critical.

Our safety program means you get dedicated craftsmen who feel good about coming to a safe work environment every day.

Our safety program includes:

  • 6 Full-Time Safety Professionals
  • 2-hr Safety Orientation and Test for all newly hired Craftsmen
  • OSHA 10 training for all Craftsmen
  • OSHA 30 training for all Foremen, Superintendents, and Project Managers
  • Up-to-date IIPP and HIPP
  • Ongoing training and certifications for field personnel (Fall Protection, Lifts, Scaffold, etc.)
  • Quarterly company-wide Foremen Safety Meetings
  • Pre-employment evaluations
  • Pre-task planning
  • Thorough JHA’s
  • Safety awards & incentive programs
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I can confidently say that our safety program is elite. With top-notch training, rigorous protocols, and a culture of safety, we prioritize the well-being of our employees above all else.

Photo of Dan Allen

Dan Allen
Director of Safety Training

Recent Safety Recognition


Excellence in Safety Award – Over 1 Million Annual Hours

2020 • Wall and Ceiling Alliance


Excellence in Safety Award – Over 1 Million Annual Hours

2019 • Wall and Ceiling Alliance


Excellence in Safety Award – Over 1 Million Annual Hours

2018 • Wall and Ceiling Alliance

All Awards & Recognition