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California Drywall takes the risk out of construction by applying the principles of repeatable manufacturing to walls and ceilings. We fabricate wall panels, soffits, headers, metal components, and more at our 63,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility.

We integrate design, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, delivery, and installation. Our manufacturing process is rapid, lean, green and precise, yielding components of the highest quality. Construction innovations —under one roof— that streamline and simplify complex problems.

The 7 Benefits of Prefab

Less Congestion

Prefabrication minimizes the number of workers required on site.

Safer Job Sites

Less labor, material, and equipment on site reduces the chance of injuries.

Schedule Certainty

Performing work concurrently off-site and on-site boosts schedule performance.

Better Quality

Manufacturing and assembling in a controlled environment results in higher quality.

Less Waste

Fabricating to exact lengths and sizes conserves raw materials and eliminates job site waste.

Increased Productivity

Custom components, kits, and assemblies make for speedy installation.

Manpower Efficiency

Offsite manufacturing and assembly lines reduces the impact of the skilled worker shortage.

State-of-the Art Equipment

We use state-of-the-art equipment to cut, brake, roll form, weld, and powder coat metal, and mill gypsum board into a variety of parts, shapes, and assemblies. We can fabricate a single prototype, produce highly complex custom assemblies, and handle production runs of 10,000-plus parts. And that’s just the beginning of what we can do.

  • Trumpf Truelaser 2030 automated laser cutting center  – precisely machines metal sheets up to 48″ x 120″, slicing through steel up to 0.75 inches thick, aluminum up to 0.25 inches, and stainless steel up to 0.375 inches.
  • Three Ermaskan CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes – 6 foot, 12 foot, and 24 foot.
  • Two cold formed steel roll-formers – can manufacture 14 to 20 gauge metal studs and track from 3-1/2″ – 12″ wide.
  • Three PanelMax tables, including a CNC Hybrid
  • Two CNC Plasma Tables
  • Triad Framing Table

Design & Engineering

Leveraging our in-house engineering, VDC, and BIM capabilities, we create precise-to-spec details, drawings, and models. Our fabrications meet ASTM and AISI standards, local building codes, and your specific project tolerances.


Our team works with owners, architects, general contractors and other trades to ensure best practices and mitigate risk. We don’t produce components in a vacuum. By being fully integrated with our clients, we can adapt as conditions change.

Fabrication & Quality Control

We link the digital data to our state-of-the-art, lean manufacturing technologies, allowing our trained carpenters, machinists, welders and others to produce building components with exacting precision at high capacities.

Delivery & Installation

We value-engineer assemblies and components and load our truck so products arrive on time and in proper sequence. We design for faster installation than traditional construction, so you get improved schedule performance.

What We Do

Custom Components

Custom components include studs, track, clips, brackets, light pockets, counter top brackets, wall ends, wall posts, flat-strap, flush-mount and notched backing, and all kinds of radiused products.

Our manufacturing process is rapid, lean, green, and precise. Component specifications carry straight from the designs and models to our FRAMECAD roll-former, Ermaksan CNC press brakes, Lincoln plasma cutters and welding systems, Trumpf laser cutter and other equipment.

Our custom manufacturing and prefabrication work yields components of the highest quality.

What We Do


California Drywall is kitting for small and large projects.

Kitting is where we manufacture, organize, and pack related items required for a specific task or assembly, then deliver it as one package (kit) to specific rooms, units, and floors on the job site for installation.

Kitting makes it easier for our crews to find and install components and assemblies, saving time and improving productivity, safety, and construction quality on your project.

What We Do


Prefabrication is growing in the world of construction, and California Drywall is leading the way.

Our prefabricated assemblies include panelized interior and exterior walls ceilings, soffits, headers, jambs, door frames, room pods, and more. We have a library of standardized assemblies that we can produce quickly. We can also fabricate custom assemblies and sub-assemblies.

We participate in the design and planning phases of projects early on, which allows us to design and engineer optimal cold-formed steel assemblies and plan for their production, delivery, and installation. As a result, owners, architects, and general contractors realize increased productivity, schedule certainty, and better quality.

What We Do

Wall Panels

California Drywall can provide prefabricated interior, fully sheathed exterior, bypass, and load bearing wall panels for your project.

Our processes involve modeling, engineering, fabricating, assembling, and transporting panels to your project for rapid, safe, and accurate installation. Our fabrication processes and equipment are sophisticated, including two roll forming machines and related software.  This approach drives rapid and precise production of panels based on your project’s specifications.

California Drywall is leading the way in panelization.

What We Do

Drywall Shapes & Assemblies

Our digital drywall milling machines fabricate all kinds of gypsum board shapes and assemblies – Soffits, Headers, Column Wraps, Curtain Pockets, End Caps, Light Coves, Castle Cuts, Five-Sided Boxes, and more. It’s a long list.

CNC cutting precision means we can perfectly manufacture a variety of boxes, curves, and other profiles. We can form drywall into virtually any angle, curve, or shape.

We produce the most challenging assemblies quickly and precisely to your project’s requirements. Installation requires minimal taping, joint work, or sanding – and no labor-intensive corner bead work – saving time, labor and material costs on your project. Try doing that inexpensively piece-by-piece in the field.

Our goal is to help clients build and deliver projects faster, cleaner, safer, more efficiently, and with a better overall experience than traditional construction methods.

Paul Gutierrez, President
California Drywall

Case Studies

Sutter Santa Rosa Hospital saves $1 million and cut 3 months schedule using a prefabricated, panelized exterior skin system.

The Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital Expansion is the first HCAi project built using a prefabricated, panelized exterior EIFS skin system.

  • First ever prefabricated EIFS system approved and installed on an OSHPD/HCAI building.
  • Was modeled in a coordinated effort with the general contractor, architect, structural engineer, MEP and other trade partners.
  • 264 watertight EIFS panels totaling 338,724 square feet were constructed and approved by HCAi offsite, then transported to the site and installed.

Using offsite prefabricated manufacturing resulted in:

  • Zero safety incidents.
  • Met all quality standards and matched the existing building’s panels colors and finish.
  • Saved the project almost $1,000,000.
  • Shaved three months off a tight project schedule.
General Contractor:
Sutter Health
What We Delivered:
Fully Sheathed Exterior Wall Panels

Facility Tours

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