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Confidential FinTech Client

Photographer: Garrett Rowland

A six-floor 200,000 square foot, headquarters buildout for a leading Fintech firm transformed an office space that had been unimproved since the 1980’s into a collaborative workspace designed for hybrid work.

The space, organized around a large central courtyard and an open, connecting stair, encourages collaboration, communication, and interpersonal connection. The social spaces are designed around the courtyard and open stairs — the heart of the space — with workspaces around the perimeter.

Team neighborhoods exist side-by-side with social spaces including a cafeteria serving a daily breakfast and lunch menu, themed lounge spaces, and every floor has a micro kitchen with a unique offering, which encourages people to walk around and interact with folks who aren’t on their team.

Completion Year



200,000 square feet

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Confidential FinTech Client
San Francisco
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