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Confidential Technology Client

Photographer: Bruce Damonte

This three building, 90,000 square foot refresh transformed a series of dark, disorganized spaces into vibrant workspace linked through a bold formal strategy, dubbed the Linking Path and Caterpillar. The Caterpillar is a 350-foot long occupiable volume that stretches across all 3 buildings. Changes in its geometry and programmable LED lighting create an enlivened and dynamic workplace environment. Additionally, it organizes various spaces: creating nodes of interaction, mediating between noisy conference rooms / micro-kitchens and heads-down workstations and housing phone rooms, mail rooms, and lounges. Lounge areas were designed for a residential feel. Staff kitchens are strategically located along the linking path to help foster unexpected interaction. Each building has a specific color palette – spring green, sky blue, or sunset blue – to celebrate the California climate.

Completion Year



90,000 square feet

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Confidential Technology Client
Mountain View
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